Improve Your Sleeping Experience

Get a water-proof mattress cover and other accessories for your bed in East Lansing or Lansing, MI

Just like your mattress, your pillows can have a big impact on your sleeping experience. Visit The Mattress Source in East Lansing or Lansing, MI to shop our selection of quality synthetic down pillows. These pillows are a great choice because:

  • They can help with neck and back pain
  • They're designed to keep your spine in the correct position
  • They feel like genuine feather pillows and they're hypoallergenic

We also keep Blu Sleep products in stock, which are made out of quality Italian foam that's cool to the touch. Come browse our selection of synthetic down pillows today.

Protect your mattress from stains

Buying a new mattress takes a big investment, so you'll do everything you can to protect it. A water-proof mattress cover is a great way to protect your new mattress from stains and water damage. If you have pets or children that are prone to accidents, ask us about our water-proof mattress cover options.