Start Each Day Right by Waking Up on a Great Mattress

Visit a local mattress store in East Lansing or Lansing, MI

Did you know that you'll spend about a third of your life sleeping? We're here to make that 33% of your life 100% better. When you buy a Capitol Bedding mattress from The Mattress Source, you'll sleep soundly every night. You'll be glad you shopped at one of our local mattress stores in East Lansing or Lansing, MI because:

  • We've been family-owned and -operated for over 20 years
  • We can deliver your new mattress right to your home
  • We have a 60-night comfort guarantee
  • We sell Michigan-made products, so you won't have to pay for long-distance shipping

Come see us today to start experiencing the comfort and support you deserve.

Set yourself up for great sleep

A comfortable mattress can help you wake up energized and ready to take on the day. When you stop by our local mattress store, you can also buy:

  • An adjustable bed
  • A high-quality bed frame
  • Luxurious pillows
  • A waterproof mattress cover

Contact us now to learn more about our beds, mattresses and accessories.

Sleep better with an adjustable bed

If you struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position, you might benefit from a new bed. With an adjustable bed, you can use a remote to create the perfect angle for optimum comfort. Visit one of our stores to speak with an associate about our adjustable bed options.